There’s really not much to tell honestly.

I’ve been a Gamer & Gaming enthusiast since ’95 and as expected this led me into game development!¬†

At this point I’m one of the 3 co-founders of Yellowcake Games, a small indie game company ran by 3 professional¬† idiots. (links to fun stuff below)

For me It all started when I got a NES for Christmas, this led me to a path of gaming and gameculture that has deeply rooted itself to my core.

At some point around 2012 I felt the itch to collect and built op quite a nice PAL collection. I saw the retro market explode and stuff became way to overpriced to a point where I was done with EU/NA stuff. 

So I sold all my PAL-B NES/SNES stuff and went completely NTSC-J, which was a good move because those games were dirt cheap and a lot were in English anyway or did not need text to be fun.